Have you just had a very long meeting?

Which produced nought but numbness from seating?
Next time such arrives
Help your brain to survive
Write for OEDILF while wankers are bleating.

28,000+ limericks and going strong.
We are now working on all words beginning with aa- through bz- inclusive.

It’s pure procrastinatory goodnessevil.

Hat-tip: Brian the Hat

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  1. Sorry, I can’t join in, I’m too busy playing Meeting Bingo!(it’s important to only yell Bingo! in your head if there are important people around who will decide the fate of your career)

  2. Are you a true geek with your Meeting Bingo, Kate? You do have it set up on a spreadsheet on your PDA, don’t you?

  3. Sadly I don’t have a PDA, so I have to do it in my head. As I am currently at home trying to finish a thesis, I may have allowed myself to de-skill. In my defence, I have been reading government policy, so I may actually have been up-skilling (while building resilient communities, focussing on the big picture and consultuing stakeholders…)My partner is annoyed that I explained meeting Bingo to him, because now he has to stifle giggles everytime his clients use wanker words.

  4. consultuing stakeholdersThere’s a felicitous typo – I’m now having visions of Buffy and Willow do-si-do-ing in a sultry and confusing fashion around the latest demonic visitor to Sunnydale.That’s cheered me right up!

  5. I really should have worked proactive into that last comment somewhere.

  6. Our work Christmas Party one year was enlivened by jokes of steak-holders, but sadly there were only sausages…

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