Friday Random Ten – Quick post before crime night edition

aka the when Mum comes to visit edition, because that’s when we go out to a beachside cafe for breakfast:

We shared scrambled eggs on multigrain toast and field mushrooms with goats’ cheese on toasted sourdough, with apple/carrot/celery/ginger juice. This was our view this morning.

Then we went for a walk along the South Coogee clifftops, where unfortunately our sunny mood was spoilt: someone desperate for a better view had been poisoning some trees (according to the signs the council workers were installing which were going to be even taller than the dying trees).

What makes this act of vandalism even more incomprehensible than the rest of Sydney’s viewspot tree poisonings, is that a slight head-swivel at this spot gives the view below:

EDIT: That’s right – that’s a large expanse of clifftop parkland devoid of obstructing trees just a few metres away from where the trees have been poisoned. Across the road from these signs (but behind where I am standing on the common ground) is a block of flats currently undergoing expensive refurbishment presumably in the hopes of attractive an expansive profit.

Whodunnit? I dunno.

And here’s the random 10:

Stevie – John Coltrane
Der Song Von Mandelay – Ute Lemper
Come Back Jonee – Devo
I’m On Your Side – Divinyls
Dig A Pony – Beatles
Love Letters – Sinéad O’Connor
Johnny Strikes Up The Band – Warren Zevon
Talk To Baby Jesus – Mental As Anything
Human Behavior – Björk
Bullet – Divinyls

Not enough angry music for my mood today.

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  1. Don’t some councils erect big fences in such cases, to the height of the trees that were poisoned? Seems like a good idea to me.Hope you enjoy the visit 🙂

  2. Particularly around Coogee, the council tree plantings have done a terrific job of attracting birdlife back to the area, as well as the other wildlife in the ecosystem. Why can’t these people enjoy the birds from their balconies and just turn their heads to see the sea? It was only the lowest flats that would have their view interrupted anyway, so hopefully the council signs will depress the developers’ profits deservedly.It was the usual lovely visit, thankyou. Mum’s only just out of Sydney and often comes down for an short stay, and this time she only did an overnighter as she wanted to get back to make sure Dad doesn’t fall off the ladder while he’s painting the eaves.

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