Consumerism and children (and parents)

Lauren is guest-blogging this week at Feministe. Her review of a book about marketing to children, and her discursion about her own rules for buying toys for her son, is a cracker of a post.

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  1. You buy them all this stuff and they play with the empty box it came in! Kids still have imaginations, I think we need to be more careful not to stifle them than anything else. The best toys in our house at the moment are the lounge cushions off the lounge and a couple of ordinary cushions which my son puts on the floor and then spends ages trying to get the baby to lie down on them. And she does! They both think it’s hilarious and all it costs me is picking the cushions up off the floor, and somewhere to sit while they are playing.

  2. Mindy, I can see exactly how your kids’ game works – what a hoot.

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