Feminism Friday (belated): Disruptive Posters Index

I’ve noticed lately on my favourite feminist blogs that several thread hijackers are using a relatively new technique.

Because most if not all femiblogs (on platforms which allow it) have enabled the option to always moderate first-time posters, these people’s first post will be a polite disagreement which gets approved. Then, waiting until a time in which it’s likely that the site-owners are asleep, they will post a series of escalatingly hostile comments which usually end up getting them the flame war that they’re looking for, or at least end up hijacking the thread totally off-topic, making it all about them.

The latest example of this would be Alec Leamas, who has been around under that ‘nym for a while but who also totally hijacked a thread at Feministe lately using the name Tony Palmyra. He probably uses other ‘nyms as well, and he’s not the only one.

So, who would be interested in having a private forum where we could share details of ‘nyms, e-addys, IP numbers etc of these timewasting threadjackers so that they can just pre-emptively be added to people’s permanent moderation lists?

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  1. If people are interested feel free to email me rather than comment on blog.

  2. Awww, bless. Apparently feminist activity is “actively offensive”, and requires response from right-thinking netwarriors such as Palmyra/Leamas, according to a comment he just left on this thread which was posted from an IP in Philadelphia. I’ve saved it and screencapped it etc etc, but I’m not about to publish the whole taunt. How very hard this netwarrior works to subvert we feminist bloggers!

    My real masterpiece is this, however: I have also posted successfully under different names and never disagreed with the direction of the thread – actually, I push the thread as far off the left side as possible as the lemmings follow me over the cliff into absurdity. You know me, but under different names, and my radfem bona fides are above question. I post at pandagon under two pseudonyms and different IP addresses, often interacting with myself and goading the mongoloids there into a whole different plane of stupidity, and they don’t even know or understand what is going on. I have actually had wholly amicable e-mail exchanges with Marcotte under one name – she thinks I am a true believer and a huge fan – and she has no idea of my true motives.
    I suppose you could ban IP addresses, but I have *access* to many, and they are dynamic – so god luck with that.

    So who trusts “Tony” with access to many dynamic IP addresses, eh? And do they know how much time he spends trolling and flaming feminist bloggers? Possibly on their dime?
    I wonder.

  3. Sockpuppetry! Dickheadery! Fauxgeekery! RacistAbleistAntifeministry!
    A “masterpiece” indeed. His daddy must be so proud. God luck indeeed.

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