Another Mike Adams column, another day where the rest of the world wonders WTF he’s smoking

Mike Adams is a professional American conservative – he writes columns on and writes books about being oh so lonely as a conservative college professor fighting the Evil Liberal Agenda (TM). I have regularly read his name mentioned in stunned disbelief by American progressive bloggers – this man’s perception of the culture wars has him playing the role of some sort of ninja Bible pundit, swooping in and saving wholesome girls-and-boys-next-door from hedonistic depravity for a life of cheerful abstinence.

He also thinks he’s making puns when he’s actually making non sequiturs, or at least I assume that the last sentence below is meant to indicate that there’s a pun preceding it somewhere. If not, then what the hell is it doing there?

From Adams’ latest:

Welcome to UNC-Wilmington! My name is Dr. Adams and you are enrolled in CRJ 105 (Introduction to Criminal Justice). If you are in the wrong class, please get up and leave now ““ unless you’re majoring in Women’s Studies in which case you would be ostracized for leaving now. And, by the way, if you dislike bad puns you should also consider leaving this class.

The rest of the column is some weird rant, but as it is a Mike Adams column, I repeat myself. He is a two-trick pony – obsessed with his students’ sexual behaviour, and convinced that anything he disapproves of is all the fault of radical feminists. Oh, and he namedrops Foucault only to disparage him, to give us all the impression that he actually has read and understood Foucault.

Those espousing the radical feminist agenda at the university had told her that using condoms would protect her ““ this without any reference to the emotional consequences of casual sex. Such misguided advice is a consequence of a radical shift in feminist politics in recent years. After years of arguing truthfully that women and men are equal, feminists are now arguing falsely that women and men are identical. This is wreaking emotional havoc on young women on our college campuses who have become the pawns of intellectually dishonest feminists. They are the latest casualties in a cultural war whose principal battlefield is the American college campus.

The man is totally up to his eyeballs in woo-woo.

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  1. College Criminal Justice professor obsessed with his students’ sex lives? One Hundred Percent Fucking Creepy. College Criminal Justice professor obsessed with the sex lives of his female and gay male bottom students? I don’t think I have a word for that.

  2. Do you understand his line about Women’s Studies students being ostracized if they leave his class? At all?

  3. No clue. Maybe he doesn’t know what “ostracized” means?

  4. Some of the comments are pretty interesting too. From this one, I learned that I did college all wrong. 😦

    The whole college experience includes having as many one night hookups as humanly possible. It includes drinking to the point of unconsciousness on a regular basis. It includes abusing illegal drugs. It includes staying up until dawn every night and coming into class looking and smelling like a slob if bothering to come to class at all. It includes sexual experimentation so as to increase the ranks of the gay and lesbian community, and of course it includes selling out to every left wing cause championed on college campuses.
    Any rational human being can tell that the whole college experience does not lead students to success and opportunity in the real world. It is more likely to lead to wasted time and money, addiction, illness, unwanted pregnancy, incarceration, and oftentimes death.

  5. You beat World-O-Crap to the punch, but scott annotates the same article at length at
    The opening para you quote above earns this commentary:

    If you’re a woman with a healthy respect for yourself and others, you should get up and leave now before Dr. Mike notices you (he’s like a dog “” he can smell self-esteem) and attacks. If you’re actually interested in the subject of Criminal Justice, you should definitely stay through the end of class so you can ask Dr. Mike to sign your drop slip. And if you’re a guy who hopes to ever get laid, you can’t get out of this room fast enough.

    And later:

    Remember gay students, Dr. Mike is your best friend, because only he cares enough about your well-being to meet you somewhere off campus “” perhaps in a dimly lit room ““ and read you explicit passages about anal sex in an increasingly wheezy voice.

    Aw hell, read the whole thing. s.z. and scott give good blog.

  6. Ha, I had missed the “radical feminist agenda” thing. Yeah, radical feminism is allll about throwing yourself into college het hookup culture. Mm-hmmm.

  7. Thanks for the World-o Crap link, MF. A very nice fisking.

  8. Ha. We all know no one understands Focault. Adams is so busted. Seems, according to him, I wasted my uni years as well. I only got drunk once and that was enough to put me off alcohol for life.

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