Weekend Wibble: Fragments of IM

[following a conversation about soccer teams, in which it was established that Arsenal is the only team for which is it unacceptable to barrack]

lauredhel: I watch other TV crap
lauredhel: (though rather more deprecated TVcrap than sports, interestingly)

tigtog: Now I watch rugby sometimes, tennis – I still like gymnastics and skating

lauredhel: (probably because it’s “women’s tv”).
lauredhel: oh, I like the Olympics, esp gymnastics and diving/swimming

tigtog: oh yeah, unrealistically identifying with elite athletes is so much less trivial than unrealisitically identify with the professional beauties on TV as they go through their dramas

lauredhel: Of course it is.
lauredhel: Well, most TV is about soppy stuff like relationships and talking to each other, whereas most sports is about ritualised warfare

tigtog: broom brooms are so much more important than fashion etc etc

lauredhel: and I’m genetically programmed to prefer relationships, dontcha know
lauredhel: This is a well known fact from studies on toads.

tigtog: course you are
tigtog: and the studies on ocelots simply confirmed it

lauredhel: Though the differences in ocelots are rather less clear-cut

tigtog: of course they are – they use the spots for camouflage

lauredhel: boom boom.

tigtog: makes life hard for the researchers
tigtog: spots before their eyes

lauredhel: They had to rely on footprints and scat for their data.
lauredhel: In a zoo.
lauredhel: And it was actually only one ocelot.

tigtog: and he had a wooden leg

lauredhel: And a bowel condition.

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7 replies

  1. [pissing self laughing]

    Love it.

  2. Lauredhel kindly ended the transcript before my really lame jokes came out.
    Thankfullly I stopped myself before I got to the “how do you titillate an ocelot?” stage.

  3. To add insult to injury, she was kicking my arse at Scrabulous simultaneously.

  4. How’d you establish Arsenal as the one pariah of the Premier League? I mean, above Man U and Chelsea? Surely there are stacks of other teams it’s questionable to support. Moscow Spartak, for instance. Lazio. Galatasaray. Boca Juniors. Perth Glory. The people need to know more about the categories of unacceptability!
    Disclaimer: I support Real Madrid, pet team of General Franco throughout the fascist era, super-rich perpetual exception to the Liga’s rules, haven for racist fans, and general all-round hate object. You don’t pick your team, your team picks you.

  5. Dontchoo be saying anything about Perth Glory. Them’s fightin’ words.

  6. [cough]
    Stan Lazaridis
    Positive test to a prohibited masking agent

  7. What’s wrong with Arsenal? At least it’s not Milwall (ducks).

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