Perthites: get along to the Australasian Summit of Cyberfeminism next week

Perthites: It’s not too late to register for cyberpunk con Night’s Edge next weekend.

Night’s Edge incorporates the Australasian Summit of Cyberfeminism. Sometime guest Hoyden sajbrfem presiding:

* Cyberfeminism 101: the herstory of cyberfeminism from VNS Matrix and the Old Boys Room to cyberfeminism now
* Being Frankenstein (or, I’d rather be a cyborg than a goddess): how science & society work to configure bodies (especially women’s bodies) as monstrous and ‘carnival’
* Bingo! – the importance of subversive humor in cyberfeminism, culture jamming and on-line activism
* Open Source for grrls: open source software and open source culture
* Advocacy, Feminism and Transformative Works: How an internet community engages with real-world social systems.
* And then we will wrap it all up with a CyPEC dinner at a near by restaurant

Day passes are available if you only want to go to CyPEC. If you’re in Perth, get along to the Emerald!

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