Not surprised, really.

I am nerdier than 95% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

This is what happens when you remember what some old geeky farts look like and don’t have to look up the less obscure elements of the Periodic Table.

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  1. Heh, I’m only an 88. That’s because in relative terms my computer literacy is at imbecilic level.

  2. Wow, I feel like the “cool kid” in the class, my score was only 84. I bow to you both. I think my science knowledge made up for my lack of computer savvy.

  3. I got the WORST POSSIBLE result.

    Overall, you scored as follows:
    63% scored higher (more nerdy),
    2% scored the same, and
    35% scored lower (less nerdy).
    What does this mean? Your nerdiness is:
    Not nerdy, but definitely not hip.

    I’m going back to bed to cry.

  4. I dunno how I ended up Supreme – the science questions, I guess, and the amount of time I spend online. The worst thing in my room is the dog-hair-bunnies, I swear.
    And on the second nerd test? “Uber Cool High Nerd”.

  5. 42. Lightly nerdy. In other words, just sad without the computer knowledge.

  6. 63% – I’m pretty nerdy but I haven’t done general chemistry for years! (Proud that I got the c in E=mc^2 though).

  7. I can live with that. A geek, rather than a nerd 😉

  8. BK, what is the world coming to when a scientist being experimented upon by rats in mazes doesn’t qualify as a nerd?

  9. Good question. I just found it quietly ironic that the link to my score didn’t show up.

  10. Finally got around to taking the second test:

    Didn’t think I was that dorky.


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