Open “why can’t I comment on some of your old posts?” Thread

Because I have installed a hand-dandy “take that, flying spam-monkeys!” plug-in, which has automatically closed comments on older posts, but which allows certain posts that are older than the cut-off to stay open so long as they have ongoing discussions.

What I really like is that I can configure this plug-in to allow certain threads to stay open indefinitely if I really want, and I can still close comments off anytime I like on threads that get out of hand.

So, if you really wanted to post on an older thread and can’t, just let me know and I can open it for you! Or else post your comment here and we can discuss it separately to the older comments.

The plug-in is called Comment Timeout, and I have heard good reports. Let me know if you have any problems.

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  1. RE: Anti-Feminist Bingo
    Rapists should be killed.
    That being said, people bagging off endlessly about what’s wrong with the other gender should be marginally tolerated, like any baselssly self-interested nuisance, until they begin to take up your time without your permission and then put on their bike, perchance to find somebody else to complain to who may think something new or interesting is being said.
    As far as consensual sex, that’s how most of us got here and if you don’t want to partcipate, that’s dandy.
    But wait until you’re asked.
    Personal freedom and choice.
    It’s now a non-gender specific commodity.

  2. Or you could just not read their blogs.
    Mindy’s last blog post..For Battle Royale

  3. Hee! I was doing a google search for “David Tennant” and “sonic screwdriver” and this thread came up second. 🙂

  4. Ha!
    (Fixed your broken link there)
    Who should I gratuitously blog for Valentine’s Day?

  5. Hmm… I think that Valentine’s Day calls for David Tennant and John Barrowman together. In kilts. 😉
    (I know I’ve seen pictures of them seperately in kilts, but never one with both at the same time.)

  6. Wow, it’s lucky that I didn’t add the bit about them both speaking in their native Scottish accents…

  7. Oh, this is too good. Today is, apparently, Official International Kilt Day. Therefore Kilt-blogging simply has to be done!
    Update: Yea verily, the kilt-blogging has been performed.

  8. Oh, that is just beautiful… 🙂

  9. Now, this is a completely different sort of awesome:
    Maxine McKew speaks out about the wage gap.
    Pride in my local MP is such a new feeling for me– I’m enjoying it. 🙂

  10. Beppie: Yay McKew for bringing the feminism in!
    “Mr Howard was a hardy warrior for his beliefs and that too should be acknowledged.” FTW, too.

  11. You mean, Howard was your local, er, Member?
    I really haven’t appreciated how much you’ve suffered.
    Helen’s last blog post..Friday Happy hedgehogblogging

  12. Yup, he was. But it’s all better now. 🙂

  13. Patrick Swayze has cancer
    But not the good kind. Like the one you can’t survive from. This is a sad day because he was one of my favourite actors.
    From reading up on Pancreatic cancer… survival rate isn’t good.

  14. The National Enquirer reported that he had “five weeks to live”. The more recent statement has said that he had a small cancer, is responding to treatment, and that his prognosis is good.
    It all depends not just on the spread but on the type of cancer. Steve Jobs had pancreatic cancer in 2003, but it was a islet cell neuroendocrine tumeour, not an adenocarcinoma, and he’s doing fine.
    Limited information = uncertain conclusions.
    Lauredhel’s last blog post..Wednesday Quick Pic(k)s

  15. You’re right but…
    Michael Landon gave the impression to the public that he’d fight it easily and win… less than two months later he was dead. When it comes to celebrities and their publicists you have to maintain a healthy skepticism.

  16. Pamela Bone has died
    I know you’re are not supposed to speak ill of the dead if you’re Christian….
    Thankfully I’m not
    I’m happy her columns no longer appear – Catherine Deveny is much better and much more feminist and anti-imperialist and anti-hyperpower – Australia is not, and never should be, the fifty-first state.

  17. I criticised certain of Bone’s opinions plenty while she was alive, and when the time is right to discuss her retrospectively I’ll probably criticise those opinions again. I don’t think the time is right immediately after her death. People in her family may well read what is written about her this week, a time while their grief is raw. Not poking at people’s raw grief is simply a matter of manners.
    She wrote some great stuff for the Age back in the day. Much of her body of work is undoubtedly feminist and progressive and some of it will be of lasting importance. That doesn’t mean that she’s beyond criticism for some of her more recent strawfeminist pieces, but that’s been done at the time they were published. Now is not the time.

  18. I just removed comment timeout from my blog because it chased too many people away – 95% to 99% of people are lurkers to begin with so the plugin effectively turned that into a 99.5%+.
    More importantly, in looking for opinions on the plugin, I found this post. Someone has passed away that made an impact on the world (judging by the number of commenters here) and I’m the person missing out because I have no memories of her. Remember that, remember her in your memories, and you are that much better off than anyone else, like me, who never knew her.
    I’m putting off writing a review on the plugin until I’ve read more posts here. Condolences to the family.
    Wealths last blog post..Free Photoshop Brushes To Download

  19. Thanks for the condolences, but there’s actually several people mentioned above as dead or dying, and one of them was just a politician being voted out of office and not otherwise dying at all, so your sympathies are not entirely well-placed.
    That said, your opinions on Comment Time-Out don’t match my own experience. Before I installed it I found that very few posts older than 30 days attracted genuine comments, it was 99.999% spam on any older post. I don’t see that I’ve lost any commentors by having it installed, and it certainly cuts down on the admin time spent dealing with spam. On another blog I write and admin for, with much higher traffic, it hasn’t cut down on commenting at all, it’s only cut down on spam.

  20. Trying to use your contact form to offer to host a future Downunder Feminist Carnival but it won’t accept the verification code. I know grass can sometimes be colours other than green (like if a Hoyden pees on it) but the answer should be green, shouldn’t it???

  21. Sorry Bri, I overlooked your comment the first time. I’ve tested the comment form several times and it’s worked fine. If you’re still having trouble, just email lauredhelhoyden at gmail.


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