So what are you doing tonight at 9pm?

You could do a lot worse than listen to the repeat broadcast of today’s Life Matters Health Report program on Radio National. It was a cracker, taking a different tack in this election period on the traits we all have that respond most strongly to the standard politicking methods of mongering Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt on the one hand and appealing to our self-interest in status on the other hand. Quite fascinating.

Self-esteem and our perception of the world around us
Research at Rutgers University in New Jersey has investigated how our self-esteem influences the way we perceive our environment. They also looked at self worth and the perceived closeness of threatening objects.

Attachment theory
Researchers at Rutgers University in New Jersey have investigated adult attachment and attitudes toward the mother. How we are brought up plays a significant role in how secure we feel and influences our attachment behaviour.

The nature of altruism
Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have studied what motivates people to be altruistic. They’ve particularly looked at competitive altruism, i.e. people competing to be generous, giving more to impress others.

Alternatively, you can download audio of the program in full or individual segments through the Life Matters Health Report website. Program transcripts should be up by lunchtime tomorrow.

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  1. Nice one.
    The program is the Health Report though.
    And may I suggest The Bugle podcast for a bit of transatlantic humour.

  2. Damn – I realised that when I went to find the links to the program, but neglected to change it in the draft of the post. Will fix.
    I’ll have to check The Bugle out – thanks!

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