The horror!

Check out Kirk Douglas’ eyes!

John Travolta receiving the Santa Barbara Film Festival’s Kirk Douglas award, from 90-year-old Kirk Douglas, at the Four Seasons.

90 years old, and Kirk still can’t live down those beefcake sword and sandal movies! Maybe Travolta was just rehearsing for a vampire role?


The horrified look on Douglas’s face suggested he would rather have re-enacted the grisly crucifixion his character endured at the end of Spartacus than undergo such a public display of affection.

Predictably, most comments threads where this kiss is being discussed have dissolved into homophobic slurs against Travolta, and that’s just the entertainment blogs. I haven’t been game to read any conservative sites.

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  1. It’s true. They just don’t do famous old men kissing in public like they used to.

  2. It is indeed a very strange moment, two such completely different expressions during the one kiss.

  3. That expression… could this be the scientology version of the dementor’s kiss? Or maybe this is a selfless act and John is schmoozing the way for Kirk to enter thetaville or wherever the heck they think they’re going.

  4. Did you see ‘Hairspray’, where Travolta dresses up in drag in his role as the mother of the main character? He is married to, of all people, Christopher Walken, and they have a lovely love duet about two-thirds of the way through the film – the style is similar to Cole Porter – in which they share a kiss.

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