The Costello factor I sincerely believe will cost the Coalition this election (too bad, so sad, cheerio!)

CK sums Costello up over at LP in exile:

He always was a gutless wonder. Couldn’t go two rounds with Winnie the Pooh.

The most effective Labor ad out there, to my eye, is the one where she talks about how Howard says he’s going to retire sometime and then (but when?) Costello will be PM, and that she would never vote for Costello (and that’s despite the actor coming across as more than a little personally annoying).

Many many people feel the same, and the rest of the front bench is even worse, except for possibly the Malcolm Turnbull factor. Of course, Turnbull will never get the party numbers to be PM unless the Lib party totally implodes and purges the Howardians from influence, and even if they lose this election there’s still going to be enough Howardians to provide an unedifying spectacle of power struggles through at least one full term of government.

Why, yes, those are crocodile tears running down my cheeks. Sparkly, aren’t they?

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  1. The best one I have seen, once and it may be a rural ad only, was a group of abbatoir workers talking about how their AWAs left them $88 a week worse off, and still passed the fairness test. At the end one of the people (men and women) says he felt like a second class citizen and there is a chorus of agreement from his coworkers. Very good ad.

  2. Whoever becomes Liberal leader after the election is cactus – no one’s won an election after just one term in opposition apart from Lyons and that was with everyone blaming Labor for the Great Depression.

  3. Oooh, sparkles! 🙂
    I agree with Mindy though, that the ads where people talk about how they are worse off under work choices are most effective– particularly the ones where they say they are former Liberal voters. I know that there are a lot of people in that exact situation, and I think it helps to overcome the (completely baseless) stigma that Labor voters are just people who don’t want to work hard.

  4. tigtog, beautiful title beautiful final sentence. Yes. Boo hoo tra la la di dah di dah.

  5. And the other great liberal hope is apparently well in the market for some dolphin balls, judging by tonight’s 7.30 report. Ah Malcolm – still dreaming of orgonon.

  6. Su, I missed Malcolm going toe to toe with Red Kezza. Sounds quite entertaining if he was suddenly overcome with a fit of the woo-woos.

  7. The rainmaker himself didn’t appear, Tigtog, but the gist of it was that he has committed 10 mill of federal water funds for research into atmospheric ionisation to make clouds. The company concerned, although largely Swiss owned, is headed by a mate from the Wentworth Institute and the limited research presented to bolster their application for a grant was all in Russian. The scientists whose opinions were canvassed on the show were politely incredulous. I expected to see Kate Bush videos all over the net this morning, but there are more important things happening I guess.

  8. he has committed 10 mill of federal water funds for research into atmospheric ionisation to make clouds
    Winnie the Pooh AND Kate Bush, who knew the Libs could provide such fun! I didn’t feel sorry, but maybe pitying, when I saw the pic of Peter looking slumped and defeated besides Howard in the paper today. A lesson to him in choosing your ‘allies’ and enemies.

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