Complaints shift ASCA “Wedding” child abuse ad to late-night

We spoke here last month about issues with the new Adults Surviving Child Abuse (ASCA) public service announcement campaign, spearheaded by their “Wedding” TV ad, which is below the cut in this post.

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B&T Today now reports that following complaints, the Nine Network has shifted the ad to a low-rotation slot after the 10:30 pm watershed:

Nine has not disclosed how many complaints it received about the ad, but it’s believed many of the complaints centred around the ads being shown during Aussie Ladette to Lady last Tuesday night, where one of the “ladettes” admitted she had suffered abuse.

The Advertising Standards Bureau received over 20 complaints about the ad, although it cannot take any action as it is not a commercial ad.

[trigger warning, joking about child rape]

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  1. Hoo! This is post ID 4000. That’s a biiiig number.

  2. This add campaign is absurd, I am astounded that in today’s world this is the type of advertising that is being aired. What utter rot…
    Child abuse is not a laughing matter and I feel that comedy was definitely the wrong tool to use!

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