It’s still the 14th somewhere, right?

I meant to post this yesterday. I did at least discuss it with my beloved. Did any reader do/make anything special to mark Pi Day?

The video below has no direct relation to Pi Day, but the poem was written by a mathematician, so I snuck it in (h/t to flodnak on FB).

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  1. My family is unable to get together until Tuesday, so we’re having a belated celebration. But we are going to eat pie. Lots and lots of pie.
    Seriously. I think that 5 different pies are being made. And while one is a meat pie (for the poor deprived Aussie husband, my mom is trying to make one), the others have nothing to do with dinner! The non-meat pie eaters among us will be having pizza pie 🙂
    This will be the first year celebration. I had no idea until today that anyone else even considered it a “day.” Ha.

  2. To celebrate Pi Day, I became an aunt for the first time ever! I can’t tell you how excited my new nephew has a Pi Day birthday!

  3. 3.14 measures of Lagavulin later and I am ready to expound the virtues of Pi day to the world.
    Grendel’s last blog post..Roasting Kopi Luwak in Perth

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