Thursday Cheezburger: the power of science!

Today’s LOL theme is: the power of science! Is there anything that it can’t do?

Caption: ME-OW-SIS* 75% COMPLETE
*MEOWSIS-[n]-Feline reproductive process in which one kitteh separates into two identical creatures

LOLdog: physics puppeh iz investigating chaos theory
Caption: physics puppeh iz investigating chaos theory

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  1. Caption: Noo Teknologeez: Cat Door for “Big Boned” Kittehs.
    If your fuller-figured cat won’t lay off the Cheezburgers and is finding his old cat door just too small to fit through, fear not! An extra large cat flap is in the works and is being called the “Cat Flap of the Future!” The sliding doors are operated by a paw recognition system and will open to twice the width of normal cat doors. Also, a conveyor belt running from the ground to the door will be included.
    We think this is a bit silly but also rather funny in its absurdity. Naturally, the best alternative is to help your kitteh diet so that he can fit through his current cat door. Still, the wonders of technology, amirite?

    Caption: Kittehs help with science. Convex kitteh(kitteh with arched back)Concave kitteh(kitteh with backlegs stretched out and tummy almost touching floor).

  2. Physics Kitteh Does optics demonstration

  3. The Art of Science Performance Kitteh Troupe demonstrates a state of Quantum Entanglement.

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