Now there’s only love in the dark

“. . . and on the night of December 11th, the moon was long into the night as though all bloody, and after, it was darkened. Also, on the night of December 16th, the heavens were seen to be as red as though they were burning.”

Refers to a lunar eclipse of 1117. From: The Anglo Saxon Chronicles, via Mr Eclipse.

Blood Moon
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The ABC has a rundown on viewing the lunar eclipse on Tuesday. It looks like we’ve a hefty chance of cloudy, but if there’s a break, moonrise is where it’s at – and not even past bedtime!

Here’s their handy timing chart:

Northerners may find this chart useful: USAn WestCoasters are going to be getting a particularly good view.

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  1. I was going to shrink it, but I couldn’t bring myself.

  2. Looks like Canberra has fallen off the map again. It’s only the nation’s capital afterall. I expect better of my ABC!

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