LP’s groaning server

Poor old Larvatus Prodeo is having problems this weekend – half of the collective can’t log on to write posts or moderate comments. I wonder what anyone who can get on to the site is up to?

The collective have been discussing the option of moving to another server, perhaps a dedicated one, to better handle the volume of traffic (and spam, which has been extraordinarily high of late). So once we’ve sorted that out, things should improve. In the meantime, for anyone who can’t get to LP and is suffering from withdrawal, please consider this a surrogate Saturday Salon thread.

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  1. okay, totally random (but hopefully amusing) comment:
    last night i dreamt i was trying to find this mystical place called “larvatus prodeo.” it was a mysterious clearing in the woods far out in the western part of the state i live in, with a hidden waterfall and all sorts of magical plants and creatures. i was on a road trip trying to get there, following all these strange maps and symbols along the way.
    when i woke up, i kept thinking, “what the heck is “larvatus prodeo’? i know i’ve heard the phrase before, but i have no idea what it actually means.”
    then, when i did my morning h.a.t. perusal, there it was. i must have seen it yesterday, and for some reason the phrase stuck with me. 🙂
    so, that’s it, i just thought you might be amused by the fact that in my subconscious, left-of-centre-australian-group-blog=mythical-place-with-waterfall. 🙂

  2. If you were wondering what the collective is up to, I’ve been enjoying a beautiful Autumn weekend largely away from my computer (though I probably should have been in front of my computer working on a paper.).

  3. La doctorita, it makes LP sound rather like one of those shampoo commercials set in a Scandinavian pine forest!
    mick, as I was doing my daily Facebook stalking on the weekend I noticed you mentioned a big bonfire – how did that go?

  4. good point, tigtog! perhaps my brain is trying to tell me to cut back on blogging while watching television? or maybe that i need to wash my hair?

    the subconscious mind is a mysterious thing 🙂

  5. Update on the actual LP situation: in order to allow people to at least read some posts, we’ve had to turn off commenting. We’re hoping that we can get all the problems sorted out this weekend by porting the blog to a new server, updating the database, all that sort of stuff.


  1. This time last year at Hoyden About Town
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